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By Ken Pilcher - Producer
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February 7 2013

Antarctica Update From SeaWorld

An exciting time at SeaWorld. After opening the popular Turtle Trek attraction last year, something much bigger and ambitious is opening soon.

I had the opportunity to trek my way through SeaWorld a few days ago for the first time in a long time. Tomorrow, I'll talk more about the state of the park. But today I want to give you an update on Antarctica: Empire of the Penguins, which the park calls a whole new land and "the coldest attraction" in Central Florida.

Navigating around the old, dated, 80s Penguin Encounter plaza is not easy right now. There are several dead ends due to construction, which is at a fever pitch.

You can see in the photos -- workers are quickly adding fake glaciers and rocks on the front of one really large show building. Including a large one that is shaped like a penguin.

You can see there is a lot of work still to go on what SeaWorld promises will be a first-of-its-kind encounter. The ride itself will let you dial up or down the thrills  and will be the first in Florida to use a ride system that lets ride cars move without a track with a GPS-like system to make sure the vehicles don't collide.

Disney was the first to use a similar trackless system in Tokyo Disneyland's Pooh's Hunny Hunt ride in 2000. So far, Disney hasn't used the expensive -- but impressive -- system in the US.

SeaWorld's ride promises to take you closer than ever to the real penguins -- but will start by taking you into the world through the eyes of a fictional penguin named Puck.


SeaWorld has been ramping up the hype for this addition with a series of YouTube videos.
 The latest shows you how they are bringing Puck to life.

The concept art for the outside of Antarctica is equally impressive. It will be great to see how the real thing compares.

We'll bring you more on Antarctica as it comes closer to opening late this Spring.
Here's a link to the park's web site for the addition.

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More from SeaWorld tomorrow!

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