Grand National Overpass will transform I-Drive mobility

New road expected to ease congestion, help pedestrians in tourism area

ORLANDO, Fla. – We're now one year into the six-year mega-project that is I-4 Ultimate.

Among the many changes you may have noticed or have affected you, by now is the busy area of International Drive.

It's the heavy traffic road at the heart of Orlando tourism and commerce.

I-4 Ultimate has big plans to make this area easier to access both by car and by foot.

Luann Brooks, executive director for I-Drive Business Improvement District says the updates will make a huge impact in the area.

"It creates that dynamic environment for new development to come in the area and reinvest in that corridor, which we haven't seen in the last 25 years," she said.

One of the biggest parts of this stretch of construction is the creation of the Grand National Drive overpass. This overpass will feature a 12-foot-wide sidewalk and another 8-foot-wide sidewalk for pedestrians. And will connect directly to the Express lanes, making car travel much improved as well.

There is heightened emphasis on encouraging pedestrian traffic and making it safer.

A second walking bridge will also be added across Kirkman Road, which will open up additional access for your future trips to Universal Studios.

And drivers will be able to enjoy an improved traffic flow at the Kirkman interchange with the elimination of the pedestrian signal.

All of these additions will help to handle the population and tourism boom that Orlando has seen steadily increase.


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