More behind I-4 Ultimate than you see with your eyes

More behind I-4 Ultimate than you see with your eyes

ORLANDO, Fla. – You know that there is a huge amount of work that goes into the Big Drive, but for everything that you see along I-4 there is even more happening behind the scenes.

Construction in any form is far from easy work. Then try adding in the blistering Florida heat.

“I’ll tell you the most difficult part of the process in the state of Florida is the weather. As you can see we’re out in the open,” Seminole Precast General Manager Matt Silver said. “It’s hot work out here.”

Seminole Precast is a local business out of Debary that is working with I-4 Ultimate.Without knowing it, you see and benefit from the work that they do every day.

“The biggest thing that everybody sees out there that we supply is the temporary barrier wall,” Silver said. “There’s always road construction going on in the state of Florida and we serve the whole state of Florida.”

Seminole Precast is  a family business that has been operating and growing out of Central Florida for decades. Three generations and more than 200 employees come to work for the company each day.

Walking around the 30-acre facility, you quickly get an appreciation for how much work happens there. It’s a precise process that required multiple steps and many workers in different phases of production.

“So every day we pour product,” Silver said. “From start to finish we’re a one-stop-shop. We do everything here.”

Next time you drive past dozens, if not miles, of these barriers, appreciated just how much work goes into making them to keep you safer as you travel along the I-4 Ultimate.