Wet road cited in crash that injures 4 children

Slick roads may have contributed to crash, police say

ORLANDO, Fla. – Four children, ages 5 to 11, were taken to a hospital Thursday night after a car slid on a wet roadway and struck them, according to Orlando police.

Lt. Jonathan Bigelow told News 6 that the car was driving northbound on Bumby Avenue when the driver lost control of the car after it slid on the wet road at South Street and hit the children, who were taken to a local hospital.

Three of the 4 children were discharged with minor injuries, but a 6-year-old girl suffered multiple femur fractures to her left leg and will undergo surgery, police said.

OPD issued a warning to drivers, cautioning them not to drive if they don't have to as Hurricane Hermine marches over Central Florida.

"Law enforcement requests (that) those who do not need to be out driving on the roads during times of severe inclement weather, please stay home," Bigelow said. "Those driving, please exercise extreme caution and due care."

Roads in the area reopened, and the crash investigation is continuing. The driver of the vehicle was cooperating with police, authorities said.

Hurricane Hermine lashed Central Florida on Thursday, prompting severe weather warnings across the region.