Central Florida drivers could soon pay less at the pump

New GasBuddy numbers show downward trend

ORLANDO, Fla. – Gas prices have been on the rise recently, but new numbers out this week are showing a more favorable trend for drivers. 

This time, the seemingly endless ebb and flow of gas prices may actually be welcome news for Central Floridians. After weeks of prices on the rise, GasBuddy reported this week that new numbers show a welcome downward trend. 

The tech company also said that the next trip to the pump should be a little lighter on the wallet for area drivers. The average price per gallon is down 3 cents over the past week, bringing down the average to 2.32 a gallon. GasBuddy data comes from the average of 856 gas retailers from across Orlando. 

"For the first time since November, the national average price has fallen over the last week, helped by weak demand and rising gasoline inventories, " Patrick DeHaan, senior petroleum analyst for GasBuddy, said.

Right now, Florida is trending slightly ahead of the national price drop for gasoline which fell nationally by 2.5 cents. 

While this is good news for drivers, prices are still up over last year. The average price per gallon was just over 46 cents less than what drivers are paying now. 

More relief at the pump could be coming. GasBuddy said that prices could continue to drop by another 10 cents a gallon by the end of the month.

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