Officials warn about traffic delays ahead of NFL Pro Bowl

Pro Bowl is on Sunday at Camping World Stadium

ORLANDO, Fla. – With tens of thousands of fans getting ready to descend on Camping World Stadium for the NFL Pro Bowl-- one of the biggest, most anticipated events to come to Orlando this year-- officials are warning drivers about impending delays on Sunday.

News 6 traffic anchor Amy Biondello got a behind-the-scenes look at how the city is preparing to handle the crowd.

More than 60,000 people are expected to be at Camping World Stadium on Sunday night. The city is working with multiple agencies to ensure they’re ready for crowd control.

"Every time we host major events, obviously, venues is involved. The host committee, such as the NFL, is involved in these plans. The police department, the fire department, traffic engineering is involved, so there is a lot of planning that goes into these to ensure a good safe environment," Orlando traffic control manager Scott Walker said.

The headquarters of the operation is in the Event Management Center inside of Orlando City Hall.

"It allows us to see larger areas of the event area, and from here, we can control signal timing. Wecan adjust messages on our dynamic message signs. We can see a broader area, where in the past we would have to go location by location to see what's happening," Walker said.
“The heart of it is a series of movable high-definition cameras watching local roads and I-4 alike,” Biondello said.

"As traffic builds, we will redirect traffic around the area. We'll be watching traffic along the 408, along I-4 obviously, around Camping World Stadium and downtown,” Walker said.

Biondello said that whether you’re attending the Pro Bowl or have travel plans near the area, you should be prepared to hit delays.

"Sometimes traffic does back up both on the interstate and on the 408 expressway because those are main entrances into downtown and into the stadium,” Walker said. “Just be patient. Drive slowly. Pay attention to what's ahead of you so that as traffic does begin to back up, that we can safely manage that."