FHP reminds drivers to move over, it's the law

ORLANDO, Fla. – A month into the New Year, Florida Highway patrol troopers told News 6 Traffic Anchor Amy Biondello that they want 2017 to be a safer year for everyone on the road, both drivers and those working on the side of busy highways.

FHP is using the start of the year to remind drivers of the state's "Move Over Law."

"We're out there on the side of the interstate, and our office is, most of the time, our vehicle," FHP trooper Steve Montero said.

Florida's Move Over Law requires drivers to move away from the closest lane to the trooper or worker and if they can't move, drivers must slow down to 20 mph.

"The Florida Move Over Law is to not only protect you, but to protect first responders, service vehicles, tow trucks, road rangers, law enforcement vehicles," Montero said.

Montero said the law enforcement officer must have their lights on for the law to be in effect.

"So if we're just sitting on the side of the road you don't have to scoot over, but once our emergency equipment is turned on, the law indicates that you have to move over, and that is completely move a lane," Montero said.

If ticketed for falling to move over or slow down, the penalty comes with a $134 fee and three points on your driver's license.