I-4 Ultimate project receives sustainability award

Project lauded for recycling, reducing waste

The I-4 Ultimate project has received praise in the past for staying on time and on budget, but the project recently received some prestigious recognition. 

There are plenty of changes visible on I-4, but there is even more happening behind the scenes.

"You have to show that you have gone above and beyond typical measures in developing a project," I-4 Ultimate construction program manager Loreen Bobo said.

I-4 Ultimate recently received an Envision Award, a sustainability award for infrastructure projects. When it comes to environmental responsibility, the Big Drive is trying to set a new standard.

"Sustainability in our industry in civil engineering really is a big deal, because we're building what the public uses and we want it to last and we don't want to put any more impact on the environment, on communities," Bobo said.

The award is for design and planning, how to re-use materials, reduce waste and save money.

"Are you taking into consideration recycling of materials or re-use of facilities that are already available? You know, maximizing our dollars, getting the most for our dollars?" Bobo said.

Recycling is the best way to do both.

"Now on the project the contractor is recycling concrete. They're recycling the materials that are already in the roadway back into the new roadway as much as they can," Bobo said. "The steel, the concrete, asphalt those types of things."

I-4 Ultimate is the first transportation project in the country to win the Envision Award and the first in the state of Florida.

Even relatively small changes similar to those at home, such as upgrading light bulbs to more eco-friendly and budget friendly LED bulbs can help, officials said.


"It might look like the same light bulb but it's saving money right? And that money is taxpayers' money that's going to pay for those bills," Bobo said.