Lane changes expected on Maitland Boulevard, I-4 interchange

8th ramp change at intersection, officials say

While most of us were asleep last night crews on the Ultimate project were hard at work finishing up another Westbound I-4 to Westbound Maitland Boulevard ramp.

David Parks Public Information Officer, I-4 Ultimate said there are changes to watch out for.

“You'll need to exit at the same place that you have already been exiting as you pass under Wymore Road but now the change is about 17-hundred feet sooner you'll need to be in the left lane if you're wanting to get onto Westbound Maitland Boulevard,” Parks said.

Picking a lane sooner will be the biggest adjustment.

“If you're in the right-hand lane when you come off of that Westbound ramp to Maitland you're going to end up on Northbound Lake Destiny only. You can only turn onto Northbound Lake Destiny you cannot make a left,” Parks said.

The updates are well marked and so far traffic has been moving smoothly.

“As you come down the ramp you'll need to make the decision if you're heading to Westbound Maitland Boulevard you'll need to be in the left-hand lane and continue on this new ramp, come up here to the traffic signal, wait for the signal and then join Westbound Maitland Boulevard,” Parks said.

The existing Lake Destiny ramp will remain open just keep right. And be prepared to choose a lane.

“So it's a big change for drivers in that you've got to make that decision a little bit sooner than you had in the past," Parks said.

This configuration will be in place for the next few months into the fall.

“At least four, five months we'll be in this configuration until we're ready to put traffic on the final Westbound lanes,” Parks said.