Ask Trooper Steve: Pedestrians or cars, who has right of way?

Pedestrians should always use crosswalks

ORLANDO, Fla. – A News 6 viewer asked Trooper Steve Montiero about the right of way when it comes to pedestrians and drivers.

Simply put, if a pedestrian walks into a roadway when a traffic indicator is informing them not to and they're struck by a vehicle, the pedestrian is at fault.

The issue, however, is much more complicated and takes an effort on every side to resolve.

Orange County is ranked No. 1 in Florida for vehicle and pedestrian crashes. How do we get out of that position? Well, it starts with you.

Laws are in place to prevent crashes, but, unfortunately, people do not always follow them.

Pedestrians should never assume that a driver sees them, and the same applies to drivers.

Pedestrians should always use a crosswalk at a functioning intersection whenever possible.

"This basically sets you up with traffic-control devices that will allow you to cross safely," Montiero said. "No one should ever attempt to 'beat the light' or think they are faster than traffic. Doing this usually does not turn out well for either the pedestrian or the driver."

Drivers have the obligation to travel safely all the time, Montiero added. "When in high-pedestrian locations, you should never assume the actions of a pedestrian and always scan with your eyes."

Montiero said being alert, whether you're walking or driving, is the key.

"As a community, we can get results and save lives," he added.

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