Trooper Steve explains what rights security guards have on the road

Paid security guard vehicles are not emergency vehicles


ORLANDO, Fla. – After a recent encounter, a viewer asked News 6 traffic safety expert Steve Montiero what rights security guards have on the road.

Montiero said that while security guards provide a great service for private companies and do an amazing job, their vehicles are not emergency vehicles and are required to follow the same traffic laws as everyone else.

The viewer emailed Trooper Steve after an encounter with a security vehicle in the Flagler and Volusia  area with blue decals indicating “K-9 On Board." The viewer said they were driving with their lights flashing and high beams on.

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"The driver of the car stated to the viewer they were allowed to drive with their high beams on because they are excempt by law," Montiero said. "I’m here to tell you that is absolutely false."

In Orange County, several security companies operate with vehicles that can be confused with police vehicles. The biggest way to differentiate the cars from actual police vehicles is based on the wording on the side of the car.

"These decals tend to look very close to the font of local police agencies," Montiero said.

A security car will never indicate “police, sheriff, trooper." However, they will have words like “patrol, safety, metro, security."

"If you ever encounter a vehicle like this either driving aggressively or practicing unsafe driving behavior it's always encouraged to contact either your local police department or contacting the security company directly," Montiero said. "It takes everyone to make our Central Florida roads safer."

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