Here's one way to eliminate backseat driving

Trooper Steve conducts a Ride Along with his mom

ORLANDO, Fla. – Trooper Steve takes a Ride Along with his mother to discuss backseat driving.

"I mention her all the time, Maureen or Trooper Mom, the one who took to the road with me when I first started driving," Trooper Steve said. "I can always remember my mom not being much of a backseat driver, and when I hear other people talk about their initial driving experience, I wonder what was my mom’s thought process."

So Trooper Steve conducted a Ride Along to find out.

"While taking to the road with my mom, she explained that she never wanted to stress the person out who was in actual control of the car, especially when she was the one sitting in the passenger seat," he said. "Of course, I was young at the time and just went along with my mom’s gameplan, but I wondered how she was able to do it."

Trooper Steve's mom said she always had a plan.

"She said sitting down with your child, like, literally sitting down and talking about what exactly you’re going to practice that day is vital," Trooper Steve said. "She said parents should only go over items that you're covering that day. If you talked about making a right on red or how to park, then that’s all you should discuss. That keeps everyone in the car focused."

There were times, however, when Trooper Mom wishes she had more control. 

"My mom jokingly said that if there was anything that she could change, she would have added a brake pedal to the passenger side floorboard for those 'just-in-case' moments," Trooper Steve said.

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