Trooper Steve: Aftermarket light bars should not be used in traffic

We are increasingly seeing large bright white light bars on vehicles -- and I’m not talking about the ones on emergency vehicles -- but mainly on large trucks.

I totally understand people enjoy customizing their own vehicles but there is a time and place for everything. These light bars provide a well-illuminated area for some drivers, but this can do more harm than good in many situations. Owners of these lights are using them when they’re not supposed to and more and more in heavier traffic.

This is an aftermarket-type light that only should be used in conjunction with your high beam lights. This would result in these lights never being used during daylight hours and never used in thick traffic. Remember they are there to help you see, not to be used as a fancy accessory.

When you’re deciding to customize your vehicle it is always suggested to check with your local laws before doing stuff like this. You would not want that customization resulting in a traffic ticket. Just because you can, it doesn’t always mean you should.

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