When both car and pedestrian are signaled to go, who has the right of way?

Trooper Steve explains who has the right of way

ORLANDO, Fla. – Kathy, of Tavares, asked, “if I’m traveling in the right lane with the intention to turn right on a solid green light but the pedestrians have a walk emblem, who has the right of way, me or the pedestrians?”

This is a great question because here in Orange County we are No. 1 in the state with pedestrians and vehicles involved in crashes.

Obviously, that’s something not to be proud of. So when a question like this presents itself I get a little excited because hopefully, we can prevent another crash from happening.

If you’re traveling on a road with the intent to make a right turn on a green light you still have to do it carefully.

If a pedestrian was to activate the crosswalk indicator it would happen in this type of situation. The majority of us have seen this occur. Your several cars back, you see a green light ahead, yet no traffic is moving.

It’s one of two situations here; either a driver is not paying attention and doesn’t see that there’s a green light or prior to making the right turn they are actively yielding to pedestrians in the crosswalk.

If the pedestrian is given a pedestrian indicator giving them authorization to cross the road they have the right of way over you making your right turn on a green light. To some of us, this may be blowing your mind, to others, you might be thinking “What the honk?”