Can I snitch on drivers who are using their cellphones?

Trooper Steve answers viewer questions

ORLANDO, Fla. – News 6 traffic safety expert Trooper Steve Montiero answers viewer questions about the rules of the road, helping Orlando-area residents become better drivers by being better educated.

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The most recent question Trooper Steve addressed was, “Can I contact authorities if I see someone driving and texting on their cellphone?”

“When you call police to notify them of a complaint or an emergency, all calls are dispatched based on the priority level of that call,” Trooper Steve said. “Obviously, emergencies that have life-or-death circumstances will receive priority over a traffic violation."

Law enforcement officers must witness the majority of traffic violations in order to take corrective measures (write a ticket), Trooper Steve added.

“You can easily file a traffic complaint for a certain area and most local law enforcement agencies would have their traffic enforcement unit look at the complaint,” he said. “But to notify your police agency of someone texting and driving would be seen as a documentation purpose and not necessarily to send the cavalry to enforce the violation."

Your best bet is to set an example by never texting and driving behind the wheel.

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