Is turning right on a red arrow legal?

Trooper Steve says yes, at least usually

By Steve Montiero - Traffic Anchor

ORLANDO, Fla. - We all know that if you're making a right turn on a red light, you have to come to a complete stop prior to making that right turn -- but what if there is a red right-turn arrow?

Some drivers might wonder if they should stop, then turn, or if they should just wait. Well, Holly, of Orlando is asking the right questions.

Holly asked if you are allowed to make a right turn on a right-turn arrow. It comes to a shock to most drivers who I have asked, but the answer is yes.

You are allowed to make a right turn from a lane that is controlled by a red turn arrow; however, you must come to a complete stop prior to turning, just as if it was a solid red light. Now, of course, if there is a sign indicating no turn on red, then, obviously, you would not be allowed to make your turn. 

Some have asked then why is it an arrow. The light is in the shape of an arrow to specifically inform a driver that this light is for their lane, in return hopefully reducing a driver's confusion. 

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