FAA reviews Allegiant Air operations

Review comes 2 years earlier than expected

SANFORD, Fla. – The Federal Aviation Administration is conducting a detailed inspection of Allegiant Air, nearly two years ahead of schedule.

The low cost carrier has been plagued by problems for months, including dozens of emergency landings and even more canceled and delayed flights.

The FAA says the review was prompted by two flights in particular. One involved a near crash in Las Vegas last year after a critical part of the plane failed during takeoff. The other involved a flight that flew to a partially closed airport and did not have enough fuel on board to wait 20 minutes to come in and land.

"This was absolutely irresponsibility at the highest level. On all parts, to put passengers in this situation, when you are making a normal flight you have no diversions, you have no odd weather and to be coming into an airport with bingo fuel -- very very dangerous," said former FAA spokesperson Scott Brenner.

The FAA normally does inspections of every airline's operations every five years, but Allegiant's was moved up by nearly two years because of all the recent problems. 

The airline has not issued a statement on the moved up inspections.

Allegiant Air is the largest carrier at Orlando Sanford International Airport.