Stowaway found on flight from Cuba to Florida

Swift Air flight lands at Miami International Airport

MIAMI – A stowaway was discovered Thursday night on a flight from Cuba to Miami.

The man was found hiding in a plane's undercarriage on Swift Air flight 704 from Havana to Miami International Airport, according to a conversation between the crew and air traffic control.

"Apparently, somebody came over in the belly on our aircraft," the pilot told air traffic control.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection spokesman Kevin E. Smith said a 26-year-old Cuban man was arrested after the airplane landed just before midnight.

Smith said a ramp agent encountered the man while offloading baggage.

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Peter Burke

Peter Burke returned for a second stint of duty at Local 10 News in February 2014. He graduated from Florida State University and previously worked at Local 10 from 2005-08.

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