Is Cocoa Beach the next Wynwood Arts District? Two brothers think it can be

By Justin Potter - Editor, Emilee Speck - Digital journalist

COCOA BEACH, Fla. - Two Cocoa Beach brothers have a new vision of the beach town as Florida's next destination for art enthusiasts.

Artist Kole Trent and his brother, Kyle Trent, are working toward creating a mural walk, starting with the new parking garage at South Orlando Avenue in downtown Cocoa Beach. The $5.3 million parking garage, which is expected to open this summer, was built at the site of the old fire station.

"Our goal is to make this place the most vibrant and therapeutic (art therapy) vacation destination on the East Coast," a Kickstarter campaign for the mural project says.

Trent has the go-ahead to paint a mural on the parking garage in the next three months. After that he said, he plans to continue spreading his colorful creations across the area. The end goal is to create an art walk similar to Miami's Wynwood Arts District or the murals of St. Petersburg, Florida, for locals and visitors to enjoy.

Eventually, visitors will be able to pick up a map at the parking garage and where they will start the art walk.

Kole Trent, who is known for incorporating area space influences and nature into his art, said they also plan to provide 3D glasses for some of the murals.

The brothers are raising $5,000 to pay for the materials to make it all happen.

"This money we are trying to raise is for murals to be put on the new Cocoa Beach parking garage as well as a few extra locations if time and material budget permit," the Kickstarter page says. "Cocoa Beach is our home and we want everyone to travel from around the globe to see what an art Mecca it really is."

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