Activist Erin Brockovich shares Space Center fish kill photo

FWC investigating reported fish kill

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. – For a half-century, NASA’s Vehicle Assembly Building has been photographed in the background of rocket launches. This week, however, the building was in pictures taken by a Cape employee that launched Brevard County’s latest fish kill investigation.

Fishing guide Alex Gorichky said he is friends with the worker who shared four pictures of mostly red fish, trout and black drum belly up and on the shore of a causeway at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.

Gorichky, who through his Facebook Live videos has built a reputation in Brevard county for documenting fish kills, shared his friend’s photos on social media.

Another concerned citizen then sent the pictures to famous environmental activist Erin Brockovich and she shared one to her 800,000 Facebook followers.

“In the shadow of one of man’s most amazing accomplishments, gathers the fruits of our carelessness,” Gorichky’s post said. “Over the same period of time that we made those amazing advancements, we turned our back on where we actually have to live."

Officials with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said the agency is investigating the cause of the fish kill. Calls to NASA representatives Thursday were not returned.

Brown tide algae is known to decrease oxygen levels fish need to breathe.

“It’s indicative of greater issue we see all over the place whether you’re in South Florida and dealing with Lake Okeechobee and cyanobacterias and blue green algae and red tide on the West Coast killing God only knows how many fish,” Gorichky said.

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