How a lightning storm can get you out of dish duty

Is it safe to take a shower during a lightning storm?


Lightning accompanies the majority of storms that flare up in Central Florida. In fact, living in Florida puts you at a higher risk of being struck by lightning.

The overall risk of being struck by lightning is one in 500,000.

Working outdoors increases the risk of being hit, but did you know that there are risks of being injured during a lightning storm while inside?

Most people find themselves staying indoors, going on with daily activities, including taking a shower or washing dishes, during a storm. What's wrong with that, right? 
The Centers for Disease Control reports it's not safe to shower or take a bath during lightning storms. In fact they suggest avoiding things like washing dishes or washing your hands because the electrical current can travel through the plumbing.
The same warning goes for electrical wires, and those to a telephone. While many people may no longer have a corded home phone, a cellphone on the charger can carry the current too.
Lightning is one of the most unpredictable parts of a thunderstorm. To be safe, wait roughly 30 minutes after a storm has passed to bathe or start on dish duty.

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