Love isn't the only thing in the air on Valentine's Day

Despite pollen, Florida still wins when it comes to Feb. 14 weather


ORLANDO, Fla. – It's the day of love, amor, amore -- however you like to put it. Regardless, the saying, "love is in the air," is more than just the name of a disco song from the '70s.

When you hear this phrase, you likely think of the tendency to be in love or be in high spirits. The saying also denotes a lovely atmosphere that makes falling in love easier, but is love actually in the air?

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News 6 meteorologists decided to dive into the meaning behind the phrase. 

Here's what they found: 

A lot of snow and ice are in the air around Valentine's Day in the Unites States. In fact, the greatest snowfall in the history of Houston happened on the day of love in 1895: a whopping 20 inches of snow fell. 

Northeasterners are certainly familiar with the blizzard deemed the "Saint Valentine's Day Blizzard." It brought up to a foot and a half of the white stuff to southern New England and left many people stranded in downtown Boston for days in 1940.

Champaign County, in Illinois, suffered $12 million in damage after an ice storm glazed parts of the state in 1990.

In 2010, some Canadians were loving a brief reprieve from the frigid air, with temperatures near 50 degrees. Not everyone in Canada was excited for the above-average temperatures, though. It happened to be the first weekend of the Winter Olympics and it wasn't as wintry as needed to maintain slopes for events.

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Overall, the Sunshine State wins again for Valentine's Day weather. Floridians typically feel temperatures in the mid-70s and can take advantage of the many romantic beach views around them.

The only thing in the air in Central Florida that may put a damper on rubbing noses with your loved one is the pollen. This time of year, there are high amounts of oak, pine, hay and grass pollens floating around that love to flare up pre-spring allergies -- so that gleam in your lover's eyes may be more than affection. 

So, is love really in the air? It depends on how you feel about the weather. We like to think that despite the weather outside, there's enough love around to bring happiness, even in the dreariest conditions. 

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