Here's how to predict how hot it will actually feel outside

News 6 meteorologist Candace Campos breaks down 'feels like' temps

ORLANDO, Fla. – Have you ever wondered why the current temperature on your phone is way different than what it actually feels like outside? 

If you put a thermometer out in the backyard, it will read a certain temperature, but during the summer and winter, people seem to be more interested in how hot it actually feels like outside, or the "feels like" temperature.

Hot summers days in Central Florida, as we all know, are rather humid. 

That humidity in the air, as well as wind speeds and air temperature, all add up to what we call the "heat index" or the "feels like temperature."

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It’s because of this, that summer days feel noticeably hotter than what the air temperatures would suggest on their own. 

But how do we, at News 6, actually calculate these "feels like" temperatures?

We put together the basics: the relative humidity, the expected air temperature and how strong the wind will be at around 5 feet, which is the average height of the human face. 

With all of this information, we can make an equation that can be adjusted by changing the air temperature, based on what we know about the heat index -- which only uses temperature and humidity -- and wind chill, for when the temperatures are lower.

Another way to quickly calculate the heat index is with this chart from the National Weather Service:

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