2 ways to lower your home energy bill this summer

Quality Air of Brevard shows News 6

MELBOURNE, Fla. – With the mercury running high, Central Floridians are dealing with air conditioning problems. 

A Brevard County-based company showed News 6 how to keep your air conditioning unit running well in the early summer heat. 

Quality Air of Brevard founder Jim Rodrigues said start with raising your thermostat.

"Make sure the temperature is not terribly too low," Rodrigues said. "It is set at 78, which is a very comfortable temperature and this particular thermostat has zoning so when you're not occupying a particular room, you can keep it up a little higher," he said.

Rodrigues said consumers can save $150 to $200 a year by making that change.

Outside the house, air conditioning workers suggest regular maintenance of the outside unit. 

"They must maintain it and what they do is they disassemble this to a degree and they clean and check the pressures and the temperatures and on through," Rodrigues said. 

Quality Air of Brevard said the right maintenance will save energy along with getting the most out of the air conditioner. 

"With an older unit, it is even more critical that you do that," Rodrigues said. "Once the unit break downs to the point where you need to replace it, then you can look at higher efficiency."

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