Forecasters predict a potentially rain-filled weekend

Temperatures to remain in upper 80s


ORLANDO, Fla. – Rain is expected to drench Central Florida on Friday and continue through the weekend.

Forecasters say the chance of rain is 60 percent Friday afternoon and continues at 60 percent through Saturday, going up to 70 percent in the afternoon. On Sunday, the rain chance is expected to stay at a steady 50 percent.

"We'll see sun in and out and on and off for the next few days, but rain chances are going to stick with us on and off," said Local 6 meteorologist Troy Bridges.

Temperatures on Friday will reach a high of 89, with Saturday and Sunday having highs of 84 and 87, respectively.

Bridges said there is also a low pressure system forming in the Gulf of Mexico.

"It could become the next named storm, in fact it could become 'Debby' as soon as late today," Bridges said.

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