Showers to wind down through night in Central Florida

Rain chances dwindle into end of week


The east coast sea breeze is moving into Orange County on Tuesday night producing a line of showers along with it.

"The showers are drifting north as the sea breeze marches west," said Local 6 Chief Meteorologist Tom Sorrells. "Much of the activity will wind down as we approach sunset."

Later Tuesday, there will be a low of 75 degrees in Orlando. On Wednesday, the rain chance is about 30 percent. Look for the high be 92 degrees.

Thursday and Friday both look like low rain chance days. The high each day will be right at 90.

For the weekend some tropical moisture will return. The high on Saturday will be 90 and the rain chance will be 50 percent.

Sunday will be much the same with a 90 degree high and a 50 percent chance of showers.