More rain in Central Florida forecast, but relief in sight

Rain chances drop to 20 percent on Sunday in Orlando area

ORLANDO, Fla. – More rain is expected in Central Florida on Friday, but relief is on the way.

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"Rain chances will be 60 percent Friday as we continue to pinpoint that area of low pressure moving away from Central Florida up to the north and northeast," News 6 meteorologist Troy Bridges said. 

The area of low pressure has a 40 percent chance of tropical development within the next five days.

"The good news is that it's pulling away from us and actually dragging the moisture with it," Bridges said.  "Rain chances will be much lower at 20 percent on Sunday."

The chance of rain on Saturday will be 50 percent as the low continues to move away.

Afternoon high temperatures will be in the mid-80s on Friday, as clouds and rain stay in place.

Afternoon high temperatures will return to near 90 degrees for the weekend.

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