Central Florida fog burns off quickly with sunshine in forecast until late afternoon

Moisture in air will raise rain chances

ORLANDO, Fla. – Central Florida starts out a little foggy before the sun pokes through the clouds giving us a spotty Saturday.

The high for Saturday will reach 81 degrees in the central part of the state. Rain chances are 30 percent Saturday afternoon and will be 40 percent in the evening hours. The afternoon heat will warm the moisture in the air, building rain chances, with the possibility of thunder for late afternoon or early evening. The heaviest part of the rain should be north of the central Florida area.

The rain will come from the Gulf of Mexico and will push out over the east overnight. This will bring in cooler temperatures for a sunny Sunday.

The lows for Sunday could hit 48 degrees. Next week will be on the cooler side with daytime temperatures reaching the mid 60s and the low around the mid 40s.