Overcast skies for Easter Sunday with rain returning overnight

Humidity levels high

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ORLANDO, Fla. – After heavy fog Sunday morning, some places with less than 3 miles of visibility, it will finally start to burn off as the sun comes up.

Rain chances are only at 30 percent for your Easter morning and afternoon. However, make sure if you have any outdoor plans for Easter Sunday you do them before 3 p.m. because that's when the rain chances ramp back up to 60 percent.

Storms are predicted to move east-northeast at 20 to 25 mph, reaching the East Coast and pushing off by Sunday evening. The main threat of this storm system will be damaging wind gusts up to 45-55 mph and small hail.

Rain continues into Monday afternoon, however by Wednesday we get down to a 30 percent chance of rain and by Friday a 20 percent.