Hot, humid, muggy, a typical summer day for central Florida

Rain moves into area

ORLANDO, Fla. – Currently the temperatures feel like 100 degrees or higher, and more of the same is expected Sunday and all of next week.

The only relief will come in the form of an afternoon thunderstorm. Some storms are beginning to form in scattered areas across the state.

Sea breeze fronts have made it inland, away from the coastline reducing the chance of rain at the coast until later Saturday afternoon or in the evening hours.

Expect the usual; showers and thunderstorms with heavy downpours, frequent lightning and gusty winds.  Keep an eye to the sky.

It will be sticky and warm Saturday night with lows expected to drop to 76 degrees inland and 75 degrees at the coast.

Sunday is going to be another hot day, even at the beaches.  Temperatures are expected to reach 93 degrees in Orlando and 91 degrees in Daytona Beach.  The chance of rain will be 50 percent in Orlando and 40 percent in Daytona Beach.

Next week, the chance of rain will be even higher, reaching 60 percent  on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Temperatures will continue peak daily around 92 degrees.