Same hot weather with storms in afternoon for central Florida

A slight cooling trend will start Tuesday

ORLANDO, Fla. – Sunday is shaping up to be another hot day. We are already hitting the 80s Sunday morning and feeling really humid.

Our daytime high in Orlando is 96 degrees once again. For most parts of central Florida it will feel more like 100-105 degrees Sunday.

We do still have a small chance of rain, about 30 percent, and possible thunderstorms once the sea breeze fires up.

Around 1 p.m. Sunday, scattered showers push in from the west and move east. By 2 p.m. central parts of the state will see some showers and by 4 p.m. the east coast will be getting some rain. These showers aren't looking quite as impressive as we saw Saturday night and not as widespread.

By Sunday night we clear up and are left with partly cloudy conditions and a low of 74 degrees, with the humidity still pretty high.

For Tuesday we finally see this hot, dry trend move out.  Tuesday's high is only 92 and our rain chance goes up to 40 percent, then 50 percent on Wednesday. Low to mid-90s are much more normal for this time of year and so are the higher rain chances.