High temps expected in Central Florida on Sunday

20 percent chance of rain in forecast


We have a very hot day on tap for us here in central Florida.

The high in Orlando on Sunday is 94 but of course we will feel more like the triple digits today with the high humidity.

We also won't get much relief from rain Sunday.

We have a below average rain chance Sunday with only a 20 percent chance.

These won't be wide spread, some people may see some scattered showers while others won't see any rain at all.

Definitely a good day to get outside and take advantage of these good conditions but make sure you stay hydrated and stay in the shade as much as possible.

By Sunday evening, we will get to a low of 75 with partly cloudy skies.

We will feel muggy, but the wind will pick up from the west southwest at 5-10 mph.

There is still a slight chance for scattered showers before 9 p.m., but after that we are in the clear.

Keeping an eye on the tropics. Fiona is projected to lose some strength within the next 24 hours due to wind shear.

Behind that we have invest 99 with a medium chance at development at 50 percent within the next five days.

Invest 99 models do show it moving north northwest toward us but it is still very early to tell and can change quickly so we will keep you updated throughout the week.

Also behind that we have another invest with a higher chance of development at 90 percent and projected to move more north of us.