Sunday to be a bit drier with showers more scattered in Central Florida

Rain chances take big step up Monday


ORLANDO, Fla. – Saturday's rains were not widespread, but some areas received quite a downpour as fast-moving storm pockets moved through the area at 20 mph.

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Showers came from the east and pushed inland, where the system worked with the heat of the day to produce some thunderstorms. These storms will push toward the west coast for the rest of the early evening, making for a pleasant, if muggy, evening ahead.

Lows Saturday night will range from 74 degrees at the beaches to 75 degrees inland under partly cloudy skies.

Sunday will be a bit drier than Saturday and the showers will be even more scattered. Without the rain and clouds, the temperature will be allowed to reach 91 degrees and will feel like 100 degrees.

Rain chances take a big step up Monday and hit the 60 percent mark. Tuesday and Wednesday also look active, with more normal (40 percent) rain chances finishing out the week.

Thursday at 10:21 a.m. will mark the autumnal equinox.

Tracking the tropics

In the tropics, Julia is in no hurry to go away and has a small influence on Central Florida. Julia is helping to produce increased rip currents.

Karl is very far away, but is getting closer to the U.S. by Wednesday. This should be watched.

Invest 96 of the coast of Africa will continue to get the fish wet and is not a threat.