Supplies dwindle, gas pumps fill up as Hurricane Matthew approaches

People have trouble finding last-minute supplies

ORLANDO, Fla. – Stores around Central Florida are running out of key supplies on Thursday and some gas stations are running low on fuel ahead of Hurricane Matthew.

Gov. Rick Scott said there are not fuel shortage issues, several gas station have closed their pumps after their storage tanks have run dry. Scott said even if all ports in the state closed, there is enough fuel supply to last more than one week.

"There are no recorded fuel shortages," Scott said. "What we've seen, is we've seen some spot areas where a station might be out, but we don't have any fuel shortages in the state. We have reserves on standby."

People all across Orange County were stopping into their local stores and leaving shelves near empty as stores work with their distributors to restock as quickly as possible.

The Home Depot on Lee Road is trying to keep the plywood in stock as fast as it's being carried out as homeowners look to minimize possible damage.

"I was actually surprised that they had this much left because the parking lot is packed," customer Dave Cannalte said.

Many people looking for those last-minute necessities fell short.

"I did stop by at Walmart today on Michigan," customer Lindy Sinka said. "There was no water, no batteries -- there was none of the basic supplies that you would kinda want to stock up on." 

Spencer Taylor said he's boarding up his entire house to keep trees from flying in. He got lucky to find what he needed.

"I live over by DeLand and it's bad down there, too," Taylor said. "I just happen to work down here, so I got lucky to find somewhere that had plywood. Up there they don't have anything."

At the Publix in College Park, shelves looked bare Wednesday. There was no water, no toilet paper, no bread, and even the peanut butter and jelly section was wiped clean. Some customers said they found what they needed.

"Just a couple of snacks just to get us through a couple of days, and then beer," Shaun Mcalees told News 6.

"I went shopping yesterday and this was just the stuff we forgot to get yesterday," another customer said.

Local stores said they're working with their suppliers to get more shipments in. Publix is expecting to get one Thursday morning.