Another chilly morning for Central Florida. Temperatures will start to warm up by this afternoon.

Afternoon temperatures will reach high 60s, low 70s

ORLANDO, Fla. – Central Florida started its Saturday off with a pretty chilly morning. Ocala temperatures dipped as low as 39 degrees. The cooler weather isn't expected to last, though.

Temperatures will be warming up into the upper 60s and low 70s by this afternoon.

Orlando's high will be 70 degrees today with some winds making it feel a bit breezy. 

"Winds are the other story for today. They will be coming from the northeast at 15 mph possibly gusting as high as 20 mph," meteorologist Madeline Evans said.

There is a slight chance of some light showers on and off throughout the day for those who are on the coast, but nothing that should ruin any outdoor plans.

Central Florida will reach a low of 56 tonight. It will see a partly cloudy sky and still feel pretty breezy.

Sunday will be even warmer with a high of 79 and a slight chance of coastal showers once again.

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