Chilly start, quick rebound in Central Florida

Highs will be near 80 in Orlando over weekend

ORLANDO, Fla. – Cooler weather in Central Florida won't last long.

"Now that a front has cleared Central Florida, we are enjoying a cooler day after warming all the way up to 83 on Thursday," News 6 meteorologist Troy Bridges said. "We're starting off in the 40s and 50s across most of the region."

Orlando will see a high on Friday of 72 degrees. The average high on this date is 73.

"We will see lots of sunshine today as dry air has built in behind the front," Bridges said. "Temperatures will gradually warm into the weekend, with no rain chances across the board."

Expect a high of 79 on Saturday and a high of 80 on Sunday.

"The workweek next week starts off dry, with high temperatures in the upper 70s," Bridges said. "Morning lows will be near 60."

Rain chances return Wednesday at 20 percent.

Lunar eclipse and full moon

All eyes will be on the skies as we head into Friday night for a full moon and a lunar eclipse.

"It is called a prenumbral lunar," Bridges said. "The best time for viewing the eclipse is at 7:43 p.m. Friday."

There is a full moon called the snow moon. It was named the snow moon by native Americans who knew the month of February is the snowiest month of the year in the United States.

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