Tropical Storm Cindy draws rain away from Central Florida

Orlando 'feels like' temperature to hit 102 degrees

ORLANDO, Fla. – Rain chances are going down -- yes, down -- in Central Florida.

"We only had a few pop-up showers on Wednesday, but we even fewer are expected on Thursday and Friday," News 6's Danny Treanor said.

Rain chances stand at 40 percent on Thursday in the Orlando area before dipping to 10 percent on Friday, thanks to Tropical Storm Cindy.

"As Cindy moves across Louisiana, it will draw moisture away from us, bringing our rain chances down for the weekend," Treanor said. "Rain chances will go back up by the beginning of next week."

Orlando will see a high of 92 on Thursday, with a "feels like" temperature of 102 degrees. Along the beaches, high temperatures will be 90.

Over the weekend, temperatures will hover near 90, with rain chances at 30-40 percent.

"Keep your umbrella handy; you can use it for shade," Treanor said.

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