System in the Tropics could bring rain to Florida

Sitting off Florida's east coast is a weak weather system.

During the overnight hours Thursday the system will slowly move north. As it moves it will send enough moisture to produce a few coastal showers.

Most of theses showers will not survive long enough to push very far inland.

Most areas will remain rain-free.

The Thursday night temperature in Orlando will drop to 76.

On Friday, look for the system to continue to provide an enhanced chance for showers. Rain chances will go up to 50 percent. The high Friday afternoon will be 95.

The National Hurricane Center is giving the weak system only a 10-percent chance of development.

There is another area of low pressure just northeast of the Leeward Islands.

This is system is being given a 40-percent chance of development in the next five days.

Wednesday at this time the chance of development was 50 percent. Obviously it's a fluid situation that will change over time.

News 6 will keep you posted.

Elsewhere the tropics are quiet for now.

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