Drivers in Lake County scramble to top off tanks, get out of town

1 gas station had its sign completely turned off, pumps wrapped up

LAKE COUNTY, Fla. – In Lake County, people have been scrambling to top off their tanks and get out of town.

News 6's crews went to four gas stations, and all of them were out of gas.

"There's places running out of gas," Andre White said.

White said they drove in from Melbourne and decided at the last minute to evacuate and make the 15-hour drive to family in Arkansas.

"I didn't really want to travel 1,000 miles, so I'm, like, 'Let's just sit around and see what it's going to do. Maybe it will turn.' But it's not turning. No, it's getting worse. So we think, 'We got to go,'" White said.

In Clermont, News 6's crews found shopping centers that looked like ghost towns and several boarded-up businesses with sandbags at their doorsteps. Some of the business owners left notes saying they will reopen as soon as Mother Nature allows.

While businesses closed early, cars on the streets lined up in search of that last fill-up, running out of time and luck.

"I have enough, but I want to be prepared," one customer said.

One gas station had its sign completely turned off and its pumps wrapped up.

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Julianna Gordon said she had to evacuate from Miami on Thursday night, and that after what she saw with Hurricane Harvey, she isn't aren't taking any chances.

"We got a boat and little paddles and life vest because my mom can't swim," Gordon said. "She saw what happened in Texas. She doesn't want that to happen to us."