Cold weather off, warmer temps back on

Above-average temps expected by Tuesday


ORLANDO, Fla. – We are turning the corner on cold weather and moving closer to normal, with above-normal temperatures expected by Tuesday. 

Sunday was a pretty day with clear skies and plenty of sunshine, and the only takeaway was the cold air and rather breezy conditions. The cold air will be moderate, but the breeze will continue.

Sunday night there will be partly cloudy skies with temperatures running 46 in Ocala, 51 in Orlando and 54 in Palm Bay. Winds will sustain around 10 mph.

Monday has a predicted high of normal 72 degrees, but it also includes a 20 percent chance of rain. Melbourne also has a high of 72 while Daytona Beach will reach a high of 71. Beach areas have a 30 percent chance of rain that will blow in from the Atlantic.

Warm temperatures continue through Friday, and by Thursday the area could reach a high of 78.  Rain chances also remain high at 30 to 40 percent.

Another cold blast is not predicted for the upcoming week.