WATCH: Country star warns of driving along flooded roads in new PSA

Matt Hawk delivers warning in National Weather Service announcement

(Photo courtesy of NWS/NOAA)

The National Weather Service is out with a new personal service announcement reminding people to not drive through flooded roadways.  

According to the NWS, approximately 100 deaths each year are attributed to floods, about 50 percent of which involve another vehicle.

For 15 years, the National Weather Service has used the slogan “turn around, don’t drown” to educate people about the grave danger of driving along flooded roadways.

The new commercial features Texas-based country singer Matt Hawk.

Hawk said he was inspired to create the song after a woman in a nearby town died shortly after graduating high school from driving during a flash flood.

“I wrote the song with children in mind," Hawk said. "If we can get children singing this upbeat, fun song, they can pressure their parents to make the right decision in a light-hearted way, and maybe save a carload of people or two.”

Read a full Q & A session with Matt Hawk here.

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