High pressure brings warm dry air for comfortable Saturday

Possible showers expected Saturday night

ORLANDO, Fla. – All the ingredients for a sunny weekend are in place, according to News 6 weekend meteorologist Samara Cokinos. 

Highs Saturday will warm up to near 90 across most of Central Florida. Near the coast temperatures will be a little cooler. Temps will be in the mid to upper 80s with slightly lower humidity.

"It won't feel as stifling hot as summer afternoons," Cokinos said.

A high pressure area will be close enough to bring a lot of dry and stable air that will continue to keep rain chances down.

"The high pressure will move farther away allowing for a little more moisture to creep back in, which could lead to a few showers tomorrow," Cokinos said. 

Coverage won't be widespread, and the rain won't be an all-day event. Rain chances are at 20% with the activity expected to flare up by early Saturday afternoon.

"Beachgoers, remember to swim near a lifeguard this weekend," Cokinos urged. "Rip current risks remain high. Don't forget to protect your skin with extreme UV conditions as well!"

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Around 5:11 p.m. Sunday don't forget to check out the full Flower Moon. It's called the Flower Moon because of all the blooms around this time of year.

It's also a blue moon (not the beer)! Although it's not the second full moon of the month, it still earns the title of blue moon. 

"There are years like this one where there end up being 13 full moons instead of the usual 12," Cokinos said.

This means one of the four seasons will end up having an extra moon cycle. Spring happens to be that season this year. This will be the fourth full moon of the spring season, therefore it gets the blue title. 

The next full moon will be June 17. Although Saturday's moon won't appear blue, it will be hard to miss with mainly clear skies.

"If you look to the west to northwest just above the horizon, you may see Mars as well," Cokinos said.

A little fog is possible Saturday night over northern zones. Lows will dip to the 60s and low 70s again.

Sunday's highs rebound to 90 degrees with only a small chance for an afternoon shower.

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