Save money on these items during Florida's hurricane sales tax holiday

Gov. Ron DeSantis signs bill into law

ORLANDO, Fla. – Starting Friday, Floridians can save on hurricane supplies under a sales tax holiday signed into law by Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis.

The sales tax holiday for hurricane supplies will run to June 6 on items such as batteries, generators, weather radios and fuel cans.

Qualifying items include: 

  • Reusable ice packs for $10 or less
  • Any portable self-powered light source (candles, flashlights, lanterns) for $20 or less
  • Any gas or diesel fuel container, including LP gas and kerosene containers for $25 or less
  • Batteries, including rechargeable batteries, listed sizes only (excluding automobile and boat batteries) for $30 or less
  • Coolers and ice chests for $30 or less
  • Bungee cords for $50 or less
  • Ground anchor systems for $50 or less
  • Radios (two-way, weather band) for $50 or less
  • Ratchet straps for $50 or less
  • Tarps for $50 or less
  • Tie-down kits for $50 or less
  • Visqueen, plastic sheeting, plastic drop cloths and other flexible waterproof sheeting for $50 or less

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The new law also provides several tax breaks to help with Hurricane Michael recovery, such as building materials, replacement fencing and hurricane debris removal. It also includes a one-year property tax break for farmers who can no longer use their land.