How Tropical Storm Barry will impact Central Florida's weather

Rip currents, drier weather expected

ORLANDO, Fla. – While the weather will likely start going downhill for parts of the Gulf Coast and Mississippi River Valley, the weather in Central Florida will actually become nicer from Barry over the weekend.

Oftentimes right before and after a hurricane or tropical storm, the weather is as nice as can be. The reason for this is that on the outside of a hurricane, subsidance, or sinking air, occurs. When air sinks it tends to dry things out.


Rain chances dip

This weekend, Barry will lash the northern Gulf Coast, but Central Florida will be under the influence of sinking air, keeping a lot of us dry.

A few storms will be possible, but the coverage will be much less than a typical summer day.


Elevated rip current threat

With the nicer weather, be extra careful if you are headed to the beaches through the weekend.

The west coast will have an elevated threat for rip currents as Barry intensifies and moves toward Louisiana. It's best to stay out of the water completely if your beach is highlighted in red.

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