ORLANDO, Fla. – Hurricane Barry has not yet made landfall, but it is quickly approaching the Louisana coast and causing significant flooding, and the devastation is only expected to get worse.

The outer bands of the storm lashed metropolitan New Orleans Friday morning and by the time the center of the storm makes its way to the coast, it will likely evolve into a hurricane.

Officials from AccuWeather predict that the storm will cause $8 million to $10 million in damages to homes, businesses, cars and more.

“With Barry, the bulk of the damage will be caused by excessive rains over a large area coming on top of flooding already in many places, of high water in the streams, creeks and rivers and also the fact that the ground is very saturated and the rain will run off,” AccuWeather founder and CEO Joel Myers said.

Already, charities have started accepting donations to help those impacted by the storm. Below is a list of nonprofits offering help.

GlobalGiving is hoping to raise at least $2 million to help with long-term disaster relief. Click here to donate.

DirectRelief wants to help improve the lives of those affected by the storm. Click here to donate.

The American Red Cross has a relief fund that's used when storms or other natural disasters hit. Click here to donate.

This story will be updated as more organizations establish relief funds.