Red Cross of Central Florida sends volunteers to help with Barry

10 trained disaster workers head to Louisiana

ORLANDO, Fla. – The Red Cross of Central Florida sent volunteers to Louisiana to help residents prepare for Tropical Storm Barry. 

The Red Cross tweeted Thursday, saying, "We're sending 10 trained disaster workers to Louisiana pre-landfall & several dozen more are on standby."

Linzy Wilson is one of the volunteers who left Thursday night and is currently in Lafayette. 

"We are here. We are ready. We are prepared," Wilson said.

Barry is expected to make landfall as early as Friday night, and officials expect heavy rain to drench and possibly flood parts of Louisiana.

"A lot of different things are happening right now, we have four shelters opened and I'm assisting with the emergency operations centers," Wilson explained. 

Wilson said there are about 200 Red Cross volunteers from around the country already on the ground ready to help.

Ricardo Sanabria is the disaster program manager at the Red Cross in Orlando and says the organization has a team on standby in case volunteers need more help once Barry makes landfall. 

"Certainly we can do more if we need to with the personnel that we have," Sanabria said.

Other Red Cross volunteers from Florida are also sending help and relief supplies to areas affected by Barry.

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