Perseid meteor shower peaks next week

Bright moon will impact peak mornings

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ORLANDO, Fla.- – It's that time of the year again. One of the best annual meteor showers of the year is in view with the peak occuring next week.

Peak arrives the evening of Aug. 12 through the early morning of the 13th.

This year however, the moon is going to be a factor. The moonlight will drown out a lot of meteors, especially the faint ones, dampening the show. 

While the number of meteors won't be as high on the days leading up to peak, the moon won't be as much of a factor. Better viewing of this year's Perseid, weather permitting, would occur on the mornings of Friday and Saturday, as well as Aug. 11. The Perseids begin in late July and continue into the middle of August. The first week of August this year offers-up moon free viewing.


  • WHERE: Look northeast and find the constellation Persus.
  • WHEN: After midnight
  • HOW: Get to a dark place. Allow about 15 minutes for your eyes to adjust to the darkness. The darker it is, the more meteors you will see. Pack your patience.

No binoculars needed, but you may want a comfortable chair or blanket since you will be looking up for a while.

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