Brevard residents wait for hours to get sandbags to prep for Hurricane Dorian

Shoppers in area stocking up

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BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. – In south Brevard County, a sign was posted that read "7 hr wait" for sand and that's exactly what residents did: They waited.

The Brevard County Sheriff's Office had supervised inmates helping fill the sandbags. 

Many getting sandbags is just one item on a long list of preparations.

Grocery stores had packed parking lots as shoppers ran in to grab food and other items ahead of Hurricane Dorian.

One resident said some grocery stores have done a great job of restocking and having products that will help families get ready for the storm.

"They must have gotten a couple of trucks last night because the only things they were really out of that I needed, were like, hamburger buns and bread and milk," Mary Lynn Goodfellow said.

Residents are preparing, and so is the county. As of Friday, Brevard County's Emergency Operations Center was at Activation Level 2. 

This means all primary and emergency support functions have been notified of the storm. 

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