FHP discusses travel concerns ahead of Hurricane Dorian

News 6 anchor Justin Warmoth interviews FHP spokeswoman Kim Montes


ORLANDO, Fla. – FHP spokeswoman Kim Montes on Saturday urged Floridians to drive safely as conditions will worsen during Hurricane Dorian.

Montes, who's been with the agency for 25 years, said some drivers have been in "panic mode" the past couple of days as the track of Dorian, a Category 4 hurricane, has moved across the state.

"Don't take your frustrations out behind the wheel," Montes said. "Slow down and take a deep breath."

Montes warned drivers that conditions can become hazardous in a hurry, especially once winds reach 35 mph.

"Sports cars and big rigs, especially, can have issues and be pushed across the road," she said.

Troopers also help residents get off the coast and move inland, but If conditions become too dangerous, troopers will be pulled off the roads.

"We're there to help people leave," she said.

Montes added that the agency is on emergency shifts so double the force is available as the storm approaches.