Tourists preparing to ride out Dorian, some locals already heading out of town

Orlando airport announced airport will cease commercial flights at 2 a.m. Monday

International Drive in Orlando wasn't busy with tourists on Friday evening.

ORLANDO, Fla. – International Drive in Orlando wasn't busy with tourists on Friday evening.

According to an internet search, hotels are booking up fast ahead of Hurricane Dorian, but several are still available. 

Orlando International Airport announced late Friday afternoon that the airport will cease all commercial flights at 2 a.m. Monday.

The Derham family said that they were visiting from Dublin, Ireland. The family said they've never experienced anything like a hurricane.

"That was kind of scary thinking people are not getting fuel, and they are racing for supplies, generators. It's like, 'Wow is this going to be bad?'" asked Loraine Derham.

The family also said that the Irish know exactly what to have during any storm.

"Beer! Beer!" shouted Joseph Derham.

At the Turkey Lake Service Plaza, several people were already heading out of town. Workers were wearing reflective vests, directing drivers to fuel pumps. Troopers with Florida Highway Patrol were also there to monitor the crowds.

Sor Flores said that she lives in central Florida and is heading out before Hurricane Dorian hits.

"The gas stations as you can see are getting packed, and I don't want to wait all the way until Monday," said Flores. "I want to leave soon because I know there is  a lot of traffic. I saw a lot of traffic when I was coming down, they were going up."
Gov. Ron Desantis has not announced evacuation orders, but said he's been talking with counties along the coast and expects to make an announcement about those plans on Saturday. 

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